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Becoming higher consciousness

In honour of my best friend, my sister.
Heather Dalton

Heather Dalton, natali's best friend

“Let me fall if I must fall, the one I will become will catch me.”

– Baal Shem Tov

Heather’s all time favourite quote. Can you feel the love in her eyes?

I sure can. I realize how lucky I am to have known and grown up with Heather. She was a real life earth angel, and now she is an angel. She is in another form of consciousness, but our journey together has only continued to evolve since she left her physical body 2 1/2 years ago.

So here is a little bit of Heather’s story.

Heather and I met when we were 6 years old. She had a way of always making you feel seen, always seeing the good in people. She had the warmest heart, the kindest smile, the most genuine energy. I always felt safe with Heather, she was my family. We had an unbreakable bond that lasted over 20 years.

Heather grew up in a difficult house hold. You would never know this by just meeting her. She always had a smile on her face, so kind, and had a way of making you laugh (full belly, can’t stop laughing) just by being in her presence. She learned to handle difficult life challenges at a very young age, her father passed away when she was very young and her mother had her own challenges, raising 3 children as a single mother.

You could only imagine how difficult this would be, and how this could affect a little one. Heather took her life circumstances and decided to look at the positive in life. She became her own person, capable and responsible for her life. She never complained, she embodied grace and created a life worth living, filled with so much love.

To be a witness of this, was truly an honour.
Heather was my teacher from the day we met.

As you can see in the picture above, Heather grew into the most beautiful human inside and out. She had a radiance beyond this world.

In 2020, Heather was diagnosed with stage 4 cervical cancer. We were all devastated. Unable to understand how this could happen.

Heather and I got to work right away. We began spending hours in her Akashic Records asking her guides for guidance and how to heal her body. We began meeting for sessions on a weekly basis, looking forward to the hours we would spend talking, catching up, and channeling this energy together. Even though there was fear, she never let this overcome her. She shifted her energy in the Akashic Records and often came out feeling like a completely different person.

Something magical was happening in her Records.

She had the power to shift her focus back to love and come into a state of inner peace. I was witnessing true healing. She was moving through forgiveness in her life, she was letting go of fear, she was healing. Her doctors were amazed at her scans, the cancer seemed to be shrinking.

And then suddenly on March 27, 2021, We didn’t know it at the time but this would be the last time Heather and I would talk on the phone and journey in her Records.

Heather: “Anything I need to know before we close the Records?”
Heather’s Master’s, Teacher’s and Loved Ones replied:
“You know you don’t have to be scared.”

As the words came out of my mouth channeled from a higher consciousness, both Heather and I took a deep breath.

Heather replied: “Thank you, I know.”

We closed her Records and said I love you. Everything was going to be fine. As I got off the phone with Heather, still unsure of what this meant, suddenly my whole house began to shake. Like a massive earthquake. What was going on?? I felt completely out of my body, I looked outside and someone below me had dropped something massive that shook the whole house.
It was a massive energetic shift.

I left outside to take a breath of fresh air.

Just a few days later, Heather’s health took a drastic turn as the cancer had spread to her lungs, and spine.

She reminded me to look for her in the birds and the butterflies and to know she will be guiding me. “Promise me Nat, no matter what you will continue to do this work.”

Until the day I cross over, Heather.
I promise you.

On April 9th, 2021 Heather left her body that evening, surrounded by her loved ones, her fiancé Troy, close friends and family.

Heather’s passing shook my world.

But I held faith that Heather and I would be able to communicate. Sure enough, she has show me many times through the birds and butterflies. Through the beautiful synchronicities, angel numbers, songs that she is right here by my side. I often meet her in meditation, asking her for wisdom and guidance on how to navigate life.

She plays a huge role in my life still, and a huge role in her knowing.
She is on the other side, supporting us.
I channel her light when I’m in session.

She is the magic you feel.
She is my angel.

Sometimes unimaginable things happen in life that take our breath away. Life is a journey, and there will always be challenges. We always have a choice, to learn and grow or to focus on the negative.

Even though Heather is no longer here in physical form, it doesn’t mean her journey has ended. She completed her souls tasks on Earth school; growing through difficult life challenges, forgiveness, unconditional love for herself and others and with grace, she evolved into higher consciousness. I trust she is somewhere very beautiful.
She is home.

I hope to honour Heather in this lifetime by continuing to share her wisdom in life. Living with an open heart, kindness, embodying grace and have unconditional love for myself and others.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read a bit of our journey together.

With so much love,

Natalie & Heather

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  1. What a beautiful story!
    I have so many tears…..
    Heather sounds like a lovely soul 🙂
    You are truly connected forever!
    Thank you for sharing this 🙂 xoxo

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“Let me fall if I must fall, the one I will become will catch me”

- Baal Shem Tov

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    “Let me fall if I must fall, the one I will become will catch me”

    – Baal Shem Tov