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Dementia…living in another dimension.

Grandmother wisdom…

My grandmother, Jean was a fierce and passionate woman. She was the type of woman who walked her own path, was self-sufficient, had a passion for learning and reading, and didn’t let anything stop her. She was a soft, curious and a gentle soul, while at the same time fierce in her knowing. She was powerful. She had a love for nature, and birds, particularly eagles …

We had a special connection, Granny and I. Everyone always said I have her laugh (a very loud, witchy laugh, especially when something is very funny). One cherished memory I have of her, when I was very young, was sitting on the swing with Granny in the garden and her saying to me “You know Natalie, you are very different. You see what others don’t see.” My connection with my grandmother was deep, we were both “old souls.”

Granny’s life wasn’t easy. She was a young girl who grew up in England during World War II. She slept under bridges and bombing shelters. They survived off what they could find. During the bombings, Granny would often be the first one volunteering to open the shelter to peak and see if it was safe to leave. She was a fearless warrior at heart. As soon as she could, she escaped from home and joined the Women’s Land Army until the end of the war.

The stories that I have heard about my grandma’s side was that her father was a stern man, a Sergeant Major in the War. Difficult experiences can shape a life and so it resulted in her lively imagination. Granny had a spiritual side that would likely shake the Pope himself. She would say that this was the end of one journey and the beginning of the next. For her, there would be other lives and other stories. Her passion and determination lead her to become a nurse after the war, where she met my grandfather.

I could go on about their love and journey together but for now this story is about Granny and her journey into higher consciousness.

After my Grandpa passed away, Granny would often say she was ready to go. She was ready to be on the other side with him. Unfortunately, the next few years were very challenging and Granny was diagnosed with Dementia. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common cause of Dementia, affecting memory, thinking, concentration and other mental abilities.

It was brutal to see my grandmother loose her abilities. It’s just so unfair to see your loved ones suffer and not be able to do anything about it. Years passed and my grandmother was moved into a special care home to be taken care of. Thankfully the nurses and doctors were incredible and my grandmother received the utmost care.

In 2017, I moved back from Australia after living overseas for a few years. It was the first time I had seen my grandma in years. I was devastated seeing her in a wheelchair, completely out of her body – physically she was there, however her spirit was gone. She didn’t recognize anyone, not even my Dad, her own son.

On a spiritual level – Dementia is seen as the soul has separated from the physical body, living in another dimension…however a part of them is still holding on in the physical world, until their journey and lessons are complete on Earth.

As hard as it was to make peace with the fact that Granny was going soon, it was harder to see her suffer in a body that she was trapped in. Her soul was ready, but there was still something she was holding on.

It had been a while since my Dad saw her. It was hard for him to see his mother like this. He felt helpless, we all did. There was an opportunity for me to visit my grandma with my mom and dad…something in me, a deep knowing, felt like this was the last time and it was important for me to be there to support them.

My parents were very emotional. I wanted to give her Reiki, even though I had only been initiated with Reiki Level One and Two that year. If this was the only thing I could do, then at least I could channel love and light for her. As Granny sat in her chair, eyes closed and asleep in a dream, I held my hands over her head with the intention to channel pure love and healing light for her. I trusted the energy, with a deep knowing I had already done this before. Granny and I both have.

As the heat flowed through my hands, I gently placed them on her shoulders, heart centre, arms, and her legs. I looked up at her head for a moment and almost screamed at what I witnessed!

A STREAM OF WHITE LIGHT was entering my grandmothers crown. I didn’t want to lose focus, and for some reason I felt like this was for me to see and trust that healing was coming through. So I remained quiet and continued channeling loving healing energy.

About an hour passed and I sat beside my dad, facing my grandmother. To our complete AWE all of a sudden Granny’s eyes got bright, she curiously looked at us and suddenly gasped as she recognized my Dad and me. “Granny,” we screamed! What lasted only for a second, lifted us out of the darkness and brought us back into our hearts. She recognized us, even only for a second, but it was still something!

I had to catch my flight back to Banff that afternoon. I said my goodbyes to Granny, kissing her and loving her deeply, knowing that what I came here to do was complete. She felt my love and our connection together. I would always be with her, and her with me. I knew that.

As my parents drove me to the airport, I looked out the window and saw a beautiful Eagle soaring in the sky. Grandma’s favourite. Granny always said “If her soul decides to come back to Earth, then she will come back as an Eagle.” That always spoke deeply to me.

I screamed seeing the eagle, as a deep knowing channeled through my body, I said to my parents “You have to go back to Granny, she is going to wake up!”

I hastily said goodbye to my parents, urging them to go back as soon as possible. Sure enough, after I get through check in and security, my parents call me. “Granny woke up!!” She first recognized my mom… as they entered back into the room, Granny looks into my mom’s eyes and says “Lorraine” … my mom gasps and calls for my Dad. My dad sees his mom and granny says “Rhoderick” …. They had a beautiful moment together, saying their “I love you, and I’ll be seeing you.” One last time…

That was the last time I saw my grandmother, physically.

But since then our relationship has continued.

She is still here, in another form. She is free.

As she promised, she shows me she is with me through Eagles. I often see them when I need some guidance. She guides me in my life. I feel her spirit, I feel wisdom, her love in and around me. I call on her before session, channeling her fierce and wise energy, helping to support healing for the highest good of all. She is a deep part of my knowing.

Thank you Granny. I love you and I know you have guided me and continue to guide me in the right direction on my path. I am so grateful for you and our life together. I hope to carry your passion, your wisdom in this lifetime and continue to share the truth of this Universe.

I’ll be seeing you.

I love you.

The picture at the top is me in my grandmothers Alpaca from Peru. It was a gift from my grandpa to my grandma, it was granny’s favourite. It was gifted to me after she crossed over.

The second picture, is the key to my office. Do you see the “eagle?”

I know it’s exactly where I am meant to be.

Thank you Granny, I love you.

Spirit speaks in many ways. Your loves ones are always with you, guiding and loving you. You can always call on them for guidance and reassurance. Ask them to show you something specific like an eagle, butterfly or something that speaks to you… open your heart and and get ready to receive your message!

With so much love,


her knowing

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  1. Beautifully written Natalie. A lovely tribute to your Granny. She sounds like a very interesting woman. You are so lucky to have had such a close relationship with her and learned many wonderful stories of her life.
    Thank you for sharing a little bit of your experience with your granny and her challenge with Dementia with us. It’s something that many of us will have to face in our future either with someone close or personally. It’s nice to know that there are loving souls like you, doing what you do, to help others with this process. You are truly a gift to anyone who is lucky enough to know you.
    Thank you ❤️🦋🦅

    1. Thank you Sue <3 You are so sweet and I appreciate you taking the time to read and reply back! X
      I could feel her while I wrote this. If this could help or inspire even one person today to share love and light or even believe in themselves then I know Gran would be happy. 😉

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“Let me fall if I must fall, the one I will become will catch me”

- Baal Shem Tov

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    “Let me fall if I must fall, the one I will become will catch me”

    – Baal Shem Tov