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Grounding our energy why it helps with anxiety

A couple years ago, I was a nervous wreck! I couldn’t seem to keep my feet on this earth and feel safe in the world. The only thing that seemed to help me suppress my anxiety was drinking alcohol. It’s almost hard to look back and realize how much I relied on alcohol for my happiness. I was in my mid 20s searching for more, but somehow always got sucked back into the partying life. Until my concussions happened, and I was initiated on a different journey. 

Often when we feel anxious everything can feel overwhelming. Our senses are heightened and we give off a vulnerable energy that attracts all the wrong people and situations into our life. Its counter efficient because what we fear the most usually ends up happening by our own creation through thought and belief. 

When we get stuck in this powerless cycles, its so important to slow down. To ground to mother earth, so we can touch ground when we feel vulnerable to the point we don’t feel we belong in this world. This is far from the truth, but trust me I have experienced these feelings many times over, whats helped me most with my anxiety is slowing down and breathing through the emotion. This too shall pass, we just have to get out of our mind and into our hearts. 

Simple grounding tips when you feel anxious or vulnerable ~

Breathe~ take some time to feel your breath, get conscious of the movement, full belly inhales and exhales, bring yourself to this moment and ask yourself- “In this moment, am I threatened? Is it safe for me to be? I am present and in this present moment I am safe.”

Squats~ Yes Squats lol! Our feet are powerful energy centers and the quickest way to ground is through the feet. Tip: if you can do this barefoot on the grass. Bend your legs, knees just over the tip of your toes, make sure there is no knee lock. Hold for 60 seconds. The key is to bring the energy from your upper chakras where you may be feeling anxiety, to your feet. This creates an energy circuit that directs the energy down to be transmuted into mother earth. You should feel a rush of energy, now shake it off. 

3. Have a foot bath~ Our feet are often missed but are the recycling system of our body, we can access all the internal glands and organs through the feet. Having a warm foot bath with Epsom salts and setting our intention to clear any energy that is not ours is extremely powerful. Water is exceptionally healing, imagine the water (emotion) washing away any stress or worries. 

4. Kava Root~ There are many natural herbs that mother earth offers us, Kava Root is extraordinary for anxiety! 

5. Reflexology~ Reflexology is such a lovely way to relieve anxiety and give us a sense of ease. By working the feet, the body can easily come into the parasympathetic state (rest & digest) this is where the body naturally begins to heal itself. The heel of the foot is also connected with the sciatic nerve and by working the sciatic nerve reflex we can access the lower back and hips. Energetically this is our Root Chakra, this is our foundation. Connecting us to our family, the world around us and to the Earth. When we feel connected, we feel safe.  

6. Get out of the mind, and into the heart~ It is so easy to go down a spiral of limiting beliefs and thoughts that actually are not true. Our mind can have a powerful way of making us believe we aren’t good enough, that person would never be friends with us, why am I so weird? It is too easy at times to go down this road, but if we become aware of these thoughts we can take back our power by being the observer and not the reactor. Step into our heart center and remind ourselves we are worthy, we are deserving, we are enough just as we are. Breathe into it. Let it go. 

7.Yoga~ is such a great way to embody your body. Feel every movement, slow down and breathe. Allow your mind to calm, and your restrictive body will gently begin to open up.  

8. Nature Bathing~ Nature is the highest vibration on this planet earth. There is no too high or too low vibration within nature. It is constant and it is neutral, meaning you will always have the same response to nature’s vibration. Its cleansing and clearing and can lift you out of your mind and into the present moment. This is a daily activity for me, a walking meditation through the abundant forest. 

I hope these simple grounding tips can help you feel safe and at ease. Add one of these to your daily routine and see how you feel. Notice the subtle shift in your energy and how you may respond differently to the world. 

Please feel free to share or comment on your experience! 

Nat x 

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“Let me fall if I must fall, the one I will become will catch me”

- Baal Shem Tov

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    “Let me fall if I must fall, the one I will become will catch me”

    – Baal Shem Tov