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Natalie’s Journal

Dementia…living in another dimension.

Grandmother wisdom… My grandmother, Jean was a fierce and passionate woman. She was the type of woman who walked her …

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natalie owner operator of her knowing holding a white rose in grass field

The White Rose

Symbols Hold The Power of Connection About a decade ago, I was in college in theory class when I received …

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Heather Dalton, natali's best friend

Becoming higher consciousness

In honour of my best friend, my sister.Heather Dalton “Let me fall if I must fall, the one I will …

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natalie on her back holding grass sprouts in a grass field

The Joy Frequency

To feel joy is to feel freedom. Freedom to express ourselves, freedom to live our life the way we want …

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natalie with hat sitting in a grass field

Concussions.. the gateway to a spiritual awakening

Concussions can be a lonely journey. Truth is, if I hear someone has a concussion I instantly think the universe …

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natalie owner operator of her knowing as a healer holding incense

What is a healer?

What is a healer?  As a healer, we are light workers. We have come to this Earth to wake up …

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I Have A Gift For You ♡

Hi, I am Natalie. I would like to invite you, once a month, to take a minute for yourself ♡.

Take a deep breath . . .

Pour some tea . . .

and spend some time with me talking about YOU, your healing journey, and how you can love yourself through anything life has to offer.  

To express my gratitude for letting me into your inbox ( I know it’s a little busy in there), I have put together ten of my favorite self-care tips. You will receive these tips automatically within 3hrs of signing up below.

I look forward to meeting with you, and I am so honored to be a part of your journey. 

Natalie Millar

natalie performing energy healing facial reflexology for holistic health
“Let me fall if I must fall, the one I will become will catch me”

– Baal Shem Tov